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Caste, Environment Justice, and Intersectionality of Dalit–Black Ecologies

Published in Berghahn Journals
Volume: 12
Issue: 1
Pages: 78 - 97

Caste and race, Dalits and Black people, and the common ground between them have been analyzed in many areas, but their conjunction in the environmental fi eld has been neglected. Th is article locates Dalit ecologies by examining the close connection between caste and nature. Drawing from a plural framework of environmental justice and histories of environmental struggles among African Americans, it focuses on historical and contemporary ecological struggles of Dalits. It contemplates how their initial articulations under the rubric of civil rights developed into signifi cant struggles over issues of Dalit access, ownership, rights, and partnership regarding natural resources, where themes of environmental and social justice appeared at the forefront. Th e intersections between Dalit and Black ecologies, the rich legacies of Black Panthers and Dalit Panthers, and their overlaps in environmental struggles open for us a new historical archive, where Dalit and Black power can talk to each other in the environmental present.

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JournalEnvironment and Society: Advances in Research
PublisherBerghahn Journals
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