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Faith and the Structure of the Mind
Published in Kluwer Academic Publishers
Volume: 53
Issue: 4
Pages: 467 - 477
Faith, broadly construed, is central to the political, social and personal life of any rational agent. I argue for two main claims: first, that a typology of faith based on the fine-grained Indic categories of bhakti, {\'{s}}raddhā, prasāda, abhisaṃpratyaya and abhilāṣa (each of which I explain) dissolves many of the philosophical problems associated with the nature of faith and second, that this typology of faith has elements that cannot be encompassed in a belief-desire psychology. The upshot is that the structure of the mind is more complicated than belief-desire psychology admits and that understanding the nature of faith has a role to play in charting the structure of the mind.
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