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How To Count 2 Oranges
, J. Barlew
Published in Routledge
Volume: 97
Issue: 4
Pages: 792 - 808
We address a puzzle about the meanings of fraction words, due to Nathan Salmon. Counting 2 (Formula presented.) oranges seemingly requires enumerating a collection of objects with a non-whole cardinal number, which is incoherent by the lights of traditional analyses of cardinality expressions. Thus, some argue that counting 2 (Formula presented.) oranges really amounts to measuring quantities of orange-stuff. However, we claim that ‘2 (Formula presented.) oranges’ is ambiguous between counting- and measuring-interpretations; and recognizing this affords a novel solution to Salmon’s puzzle that is consistent with traditional analyses. © 2019, © 2019 Australasian Association of Philosophy.
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