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Ideale polyamoröse Verpflichtung [English title: Ideal polyamorous commitment]

Published in
Volume: 10
Issue: 2
Pages: 217 - 258

Note: This paper is in German

In this paper, I focus on a certain ideal conception of how lovers may commit
to each other in polyamorous relationships. Drawing on an analysis of Iris Murdoch’s
adaptation of Simone Weil’s ideas, I sketch what I have elsewhere called the
ideal lovers’ pledge—a conception of a commitment between lovers that is spelled out
in terms of Weil’s and Murdoch’s shared notion of love as just attention. I then argue
that this conception is well-suited to meet certain challenges that arise in the context
of thinking about relationship agreements in polyamorous relationships, challenges
that have been brought out in recent work by John Enman-Beech and Julienne Obadia.
First, I show that practices of forging relationship agreements in polyamorous
relationships that are oriented toward the ideal I propose will naturally implement
the kind of procedural norms that Enman-Beech rightly highlights. Second, I argue that the
ideal I propose does not generate the kinds of problems that according to Obadia arise due to
a constellation of assumptions that she thinks underlie the practice of forging relationship
agreements in polyamorous relationships – a constellation she dubs the
contract complex. The proposed ideal thus suggests an alternative understanding
of such agreements and implies a less pessimistic account of what kind of individuals
are constituted by way of forging such agreements.

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