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Realist and Idealist Interpretations of Brandom’s account of Objectivity

Michael Pohl, , Arne Weber
Published in Ontos
Pages: 89 - 100

The text deals with the question of how to understand Brandom’s strong notion of objectivity. The first section outlines Brandom’s views on two important concepts closely linked with the concept of objectivity, namely: truth and reference. Keeping in mind those views, two ways of interpretation suggest themselves, a realist and an idealist reading of the notion of objectivity. The two following sections are devoted to analyses and an assessment of the viability of these readings, respectively. The authors draw the conclusion that only the idealist reading suggested is in line with Brandom’s overall philosophical project. In the last section it is shown that, if one accepts the idealist reading as appropriate, a satisfactory clarification of the concept of causality and of the use of causal vocabulary is a task yet to be accomplished.

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JournalRobert Brandom: Analytic Pragmatist
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