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Superconformal invariants and spinning correlators in 3d N= 2 SCFTs
Published in Springer
Volume: 82
Issue: 11

We construct superconformal invariants in superspace which are used to build 3-point correlators of spinning operators in general N=2 superconformal field theories in three dimensions. Our systematic analysis includes various relations between these invariants and provides a minimal set of parity-even and parity-odd invariants which is further used to construct general 3-point functions in any 3d N=2 SCFT. For conserved (super)currents, we explicitly compute various 3-point functions using Wick contractions in the free field case, and express them in terms of the constructed parity-even invariants. We give evidence through examples for the claim that the 3-point function of conserved currents generally comprises of two parts – a parity-even piece coming from the free theory, and a parity-odd piece.

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JournalEuropean Physical Journal C
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